*max/msp basics 2*

2nd march ’11, CMS recording studio

Moving on up: we learned about granulation and how to use dan trueman’s munger~ object.

Mr. Oscar Dub divulged some excellent generative start-up tips. You can download his workshop patches and some extras here.

The music playing at the end was Day by Christopher Hipgrave, and reading this is a good idea.



week beginning 7th March ’11

Composer and laptop performer simon scott talks about his music, and shows us under his bonnet.

You can listen to his 2009 album Navigare here, and his most recent release here.

This related link will show you some brilliant late-night click-throughs.

Finally, Simon on some things that everyone should hear.

*max/msp basics 1*

23rd Feb ’11 Lecture Room 1

So we looked at basic maths, interface things and a few audio objects, especially sfplay~.

Here’s a link to the patch we made together, for your programming pleasure.

Had we had more time, we may have looked at this nice application by Leafcutter John.

The music playing at the start was Nah und Fern by Gas, and this site is your bible.


session 6, week beginning 23 January ’11

Overstimulated: Helena Gough on cutting back and how to cope.

Rotation riot: the magnetic sound art of Switzerlander Zimoun, in fifteen minute glory.

Are you sure you want to change the extension? Hannah Drayston on Alva Noto & Unitxt.

Everyone needs space. Feldman’s Structures, and some thoughts.

If you like them, support these artists with your interest and your money.


session five, wednesday 28th April ’10

Solo for Wounded CD: Yasunao Tone‘s vicious plastic.

A very nice article from the Leonardo Music Journal on Tone and on Markus Popp whose new record is bliss.

Battered acetate: Lener String Quartet play Bach’s C Major Tocatta. Eighty years in a dusty crate makes you sound amazing.

Also gravity issues and bad weather with Grandpa Reich.



session four, wednesday 3rd March, ’10

The Synthetic Performer: computers keeping up and old tape

Modern analogue – automating Boulez

Where does this leave the musician? Javier Garavaglia’s chapter three, paragraph 3.2 discusses the performer/automation dilemma

Turn off the lights, lie on the floor, listen to Anthèmes II, feel better

If that was wet, this is dry

*bookclub vol.one*


volume one is DONE.

Forget your plans, make some coffee and click here for the funnest music-related read of your month, here to listen to Valgeir’s new record, and here to visit Nico’s blog, by whom the commentary is written, unless it says otherwise.

Massive thanks to them both, and en-jahoy, why don’t you?